Civil Mediation (for Counsel)

Jeanette’s Mediation CV (PDF)

According to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), there are currently several hundred professionals offering civil mediation services in the province. Clearly, you have plenty of choice.  I also know that certain cases call for certain types of mediation skills and expertise. Here are seven benefits clients enjoy when working with me:

  1. They are confident that if a settlement is possible, I will help them reach it. I am persistent and I never give up no matter what kind of resistance arises from either party.
  2. I understand that broken relationships are at the heart of many legal disputes. My experience can help clients achieve a measure of closure that no amount of money can replicate.
  3. Barriers to resolution can be emotional as well as financial and legal. Strong emotions and a reluctance to let go of past grievances can sabotage the process. I can help parties get past these barriers and reach acceptable settlements.
  4. Parties in a dispute may resist settlement for reasons that have nothing to do with the actual strength of their case. They may resist settlement, even when settling is their best option. I can work with parties to help them be aware of the patterns of thought that may be holding them back so that resolution is possible.
  5. My clients are confident that going into the mediation I will have read the briefs carefully and will understand the relevant legal issues. This might mean the fundamentals of the Employment Standards Act, the Condominium Act, or the basics of breach of contract, rescission, liquidated damages, or threshold damages.
  6. Clients tell me that my mediation sessions are productive and well-managed for time. I know how to keep parties on track and focused, so that we make the best use of available time and energy.
  7. Parties in a dispute may need to hear hard truths about the strength of their case and about their chances of success if they proceed. My ability to concisely and clearly articulate a difficult position means that I can help clients deliver these messages with tact and respect. Plus, when parties in a dispute understand the strengths of different positions, they move beyond gridlock and towards resolution.

With my competitive rates, clients tell me they receive real value for their financial investment.
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My practice areas include contractual disputes, insurance and accident claims, condominium disputes, wrongful dismissal, 
higher education and artistic disputes
, parenting plans and family conflict.


2015 Chartered Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada
2000 Ph.D. Philosophy, York University

Mediation Training

2012  Advanced Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (York University, Toronto)
2011 Certificate in Family Mediation Skills and Certificate in Advanced Family Mediation Skills (Conrad Grebel University College)
2010  Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (York University, Toronto)

Published Papers

  • ADR Update 
“Workplace Restoration Case Study“ (Fall, 2014)
  • Condo Business 
“Mending Fences“ (May, 2014)
  • ADR Update 
“Review of Who Gets What by K. Feinberg“ (Fall, 2013)
  • Canadian Lawyer 
“When Lawyers Trust their Intuitions“ (April, 2013)
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“Bad Faith“ (April, 2013)
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“Bill 168: A Recent Arbitration Decision“ (Winter, 2012)
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“Gary Noesner’s Stalling for Time: Lessons for Mediators“ (Spring, 2012)
  • The Condo Voice 
“Dysfunctional Condo Boards: How to Make them Work“ [with Pamela Hudak]  (Spring, 2012)
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“Mediation as a Substitute for Justice?“ (Summer, 2011)