Conflict Management

Our goal at Principled Dispute Resolution & Consulting is to help our clients create flourishing organization. We see strong connections between well-adjusted and motivated employees, dynamic teams, effective leadership, and organizational success.

Flourishing workplaces share a number of features, whether the work environment is industrial or white-collar, academic or professional, generation-Y casual or established and staid:

  • Leaders send the message that respectful relations are important by addressing dysfunctional conflict quickly.
  • Creativity flows, as people trust one another enough to have constructive disagreements over things that matter.
  • It is understood that ignoring or avoiding conflict contributes to low morale, higher-than-normal turnover, and eventually to lower revenues.

Who We Work With

We partner with individuals, teams, boards,and entire organizations.
We work with business partnerships, businesses (small, medium, or large), family businesses, and non-profits.

What We Do

Conflict Interventions

We dig deep to understand the underlying causes of conflict, whether the dispute is between two individuals, within a team, or between divisions of an organization. We work with our clients to create long-term solutions.

Conflict Coaching

An effective option both for conflict-averse individuals who fail to speak up when they should, and for those who find themselves too often caught up in dysfunctional conflict with others. We help individuals understand their own behaviour and patterns of communication so they can respond to conflict more effectively.

Cultural Redesign

Build a stronger organization where members are engaged by their work and motivated to do their best. Foster long-term change by addressing the structural factors that contribute to dysfunctional conflict, whether that conflict is among employees, between employees and management or with external partners. Make sure that your organization’s practices and patterns of communication are aligned with your values.

Benefits include a happier work environment, better retention of top employees, less absenteeism, and stakeholders who are truly engaged in your mission.

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