Resolve the conflicts in your business partnership

Many business partnership problems arise from one source: relationship stress.

Learn tested processes to decrease friction and increase action … and you may be surprised at the improvement it makes.

Jeanette Bicknell, PhD, Chartered Mediator has used mediation techniques to:

  • Help start-ups to build a solid foundation
  • Help business/legal/accounting partnerships move through a stress point
  • Help businesses that exhibit a failure to thrive

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Just getting started

  • Now is the time to get clear on roles, responsibilities & priorities
  • Investors invest in teams as much as in ideas or products
  • Start out right with a clear partnership agreement
  • Frank discussion at the beginning will save time, money & aggravation through the life of your business

Through the life of your business

  • Resolve disagreements over compensation, work performance, unequal contributions
  • Deal with issues promptly so bad feelings don’t fester
  • Deal with stressful events such as divorce of a partner, family tensions, health problems, retirement
  • I provide ongoing support, facilitation and coaching as needed


Winding down a business partnership

  • Stay out of court
  • End the business but preserve the relationship
  • Resolve things with a minimum of cost and emotional strife
  • Protect your reputation

I spoke about business partnerships with Paul Chato in this video:


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