Less Conflict. Better Results.

Workplace conflict is surprisingly costly. Ignored / mismanaged conflicts lead to:

  • intangible money-losers – low morale and poor communication
  • tangible money-losers – higher attrition, decreased productivity, lower revenue.

At Principled Dispute Resolution & Consulting, we see the fall-out from organizational conflict every day... Valued employees leave. Stress levels rise. A feeling of helplessness prevails.

Decisions don’t get made (and there is a serious domino-effect to postponing decisions). Important tasks don’t get done.

Use mediation to make your organization function better. We dig deep to understand the underlying causes of conflict, then take you through an affordable, collaborative, two-step process to:

  • Resolve the conflict in the short term
  • Make you and your team better equipped to handle conflict in the long term.

Our principal, Jeanette Bicknell, has earned the designation of Chartered Mediator, Canada’s most senior designation. She also holds a PhD in philosophy.

Jeanette combines a naturally calm demeanour, broad business experience, cutting-edge research, and traditional sources of wisdom to help you use mediation to build a more productive organization.

Want to find out more? Watch this short video.