Less Conflict. More Success.

Depending on the way it is managed, conflict in the workplace may be a vital source of creativity and a spur to problem-solving. However if conflicts are ignored or managed poorly they can contribute to low morale, attrition, and ultimately to a loss of revenue.

Managing and resolving conflict in a timely, respectful manner sends a message to everyone in the organization that the workplace mood is important and that respectful working relations are valued.

My name is Jeanette Bicknell and my company is Principled Dispute Resolution & Consulting. We have seen first-hand the harm that can be caused by conflict in organizations. Valued employees leave. Stress levels go through the roof. Decisions don’t get made. Important tasks don’t get done. A feeling of helplessness prevails. Ultimately, the bottom line suffers.

Reach out to me and you will feel peace of mind starting from our first conversation. I take the time to fully understand your situation and uncover all of the factors driving conflict. Only after I have understood your situation will I suggest specific interventions. My goal is always to resolve conflict in the short term, and to make you and your organization better able to handle it yourselves in the longer term. I hold a PhD in philosophy and I draw on both traditional  sources of wisdom and cutting-edge empirical research to help you build a stronger, more flourishing organization.

Let Principled Dispute Resolution & Consulting help you align your culture, realize your team’s potential, and make your organization flourish.

We can help. We offer an affordable and collaborative process to resolve harmful conflict and preserve relationships. We help clients build stronger organizations where employees can focus on their work in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Workplace restoration services can help your organization move on after harmful conflict, challenging events, or disruptive change.

It is important to remember that not all conflict is bad, and conflict is frequently necessary for business growth.  Constructive and respectful disagreements about things that matter can be a sign of a very healthy organization. Whether it is a partnership, a small group or a large organization, we help members trust one another enough to make conflict natural and productive.